You, Company Director/CEO,

may I have your attention please?



When do you need assistance from Strategium?

When business goes wrong, your company goes bankrupt.
When business grows too fast, your company goes bankrupt.
So You have to find the balance in your cashflow. 

First sell, then buy what you need to sell or produce and finance the growth.

These steps require a detailed planning, based on a careful Business Plan and Budgets. 

In many cases when  business goes wrong, the client knocks too late at the door for  smooth assistance. They can’t pay anymore for necessary actions; recovery, finance, new marketing- or communication plans, R&D, stock control, a.s.o.

When just in time and with our help the client can start with a fresh new and different approach. They surely want to follow and execute required actions. However a few months later, nothing was done successfully. How come? They just cannot do it. The process of change stopped. They are anxious, having difficult conversations and fear the consequences.

Is that strange? No! Because if they can, they would have done it already. The only way to follow up organizational advice in such situations is to carry out decisions taken with the support of Strategium; negotiations, planning, motivating, directing, executing tasks & activities, new contracts, controlling, communicating, reporting and in most cases eliminating/cuts.

As a company leader You know that your future success is depended on your decisions made today. Good management needs vision. Vision requires goals. Goals require objectives. Objectives require decisions to realization and realization requires executing. Executing is based on plans, organization, control and always have financial consequences.


So, Company Director, if you develop not the right vision, you are taking the wrong long road, losing expensive time and wasting money.


Strategium starts with You as sparring partner, assisting in establishing the right vision, is involved in executing decisions taken, is committed to increase businesses through setting high standards of performance for stable growth of turnover, profit and quality.



Are you now in for a serious chat? It's my pleasure to invite you to call me personally.

It is lonely at the top and tall trees catch a lot of wind.

Try our BSM/Board Support Meetings. It's a one-day-a-month session between you and me. Safe and clarifying.
"We take care". We assist in negotiations and in executing decisions taken, if you like. Does this gives you a good feeling?

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Thank you and I’ll see soon.

Bob Schutte
M: +31 619 383 393