Board Support Meetings (BSM)

Strategium offers new clients an interesting opportunity to subscribe to a monthly BSM. It is a one-day-per-month session, including personal meetings with the CEO, discussions and workouts whereby the topics of the past month will be evaluated and those of the coming month are planned such as;

General items:

  • vision versus goals
  • objectives versus strategies
  • politics, compliance affairs
  • stakeholders interests
  • world economy, competitors market
  • decisions taken versus executing

Operational items:

  • operational departments/daughter companies
  • company control/growth in production, sales, manpower, quality
  • communicating, intern and extern, (press, community, branch, nation) 
  • ICT Data Governance
  • problems solving
  • finance / cash flow
  • management


Specific items:

  • strategic risks versus business strategy, reputation / brand risk
  • sustainability, ecological decisions
  • urgent items/decisions required
  • process/activity plans


We start with reviewing your business plans and budgets versus reality over the past years. Analyzing growth trends and -factors, featuring earning rates and profitability. From here organizational improvements can be found (see Business Negotiators/How) like growth strategies, implementations.

The most important part of BSM is "We take care". We assist in negotiations with persons, partners, clients, relations, governments and in executing decisions taken. Does this gives you a good feeling?

Besides theoretical items like ROI, P&L, Margins there are a few even so important items to invest in as Energy, Happiness, Enthusiasm, Fun, Relationship, Family, Healthiness a.s.o. It is so important to set the right business climate, in which management and employees feel inspired to be able to further develop themselves and to contribute with enthusiasm to the growth of the company.

This concrete BMS approach leads to continuity, creative ideas and effective solutions.


The advantage of such a structured company assessment is that the board has to think and handle all these items in general. When you don’t, you forget, if you forget often you stumble, mostly you fall hard. Internally clients have their own management meetings weekly.


Service provided

As you probably understand it's not only WHAT you have to do following the standards mentioned above, but much more important is the way HOW you do it. Strategium is different. We operate with common sense by experience. We have seen it all, we have done it; tremendous successes make us strong and we also know WHAT YOU DEFINITLY NOT SHOULD DO. This combination gives us confident and power, which qualities you can profite from. 


We advise you to sign a 1-year BSM contract (ask for fee p/month)  based on 1 full or 2 half days per month, max. 2 persons (specialisms), incl. meetings, pre- and after workouts, daily telephone advice, excl. VAT and travel. Reduction of 20% on hourly fee for extra assignments.

We sign a confidential agreement of course. We listen well, we have an open objective and smart mind setting, presenting you the right direction. As your counselor we easily can contact anyone you like or organize liaisons with cooperation’s to facilitate a close working relationship.

Please contact us and ask for a free introduction meeting.

T: +31 23 576 4924