Business Communicators & Negotiators
for national and multinational organizations
committed to increase (new) businesses
through setting high level standards of performance
for stable growth of turnover, profit and quality.


Ex entrepreneurs, members of the Board, directors with years of senior executive management experience in larger companies like to listen to the problems within your organization, your wishes, quickly come up with their vision for improvement, the associated consequences and a fresh approach to realizing the various possibilities.

Strategium is specialized in high-quality Board Support, involved in your decision making.
We are specialized in taking your company to a higher platform. Unlike specialist business advisers who subsequently let you do the work, they are called Business Negotiators and therefore go considerably further. They could do the negotiations for you both within your organization and beyond. Their focus is the realization of your assignment.


Strategium is your strategic partner in optimizing your operating result.
Our strength lies in the business economics field. Unlike colleagues, who mainly focus on the theoretical and numerical approach of the various processes, we specialize in the business- and managerial approach by our Business Negotiators, particularly in vision, execution and the negotiation strategy. Naturally within the (adjusted) BP and Budgets.


Strategium is a Dutch organization located in Hoofddorp with local and intercontinental clients. The company contribute its knowledge, experience and vision at your service temporarily.

The most important interim services are:                        

  • Supervision on behalf of shareholders; assignments
  • Supervisory Board
  • Sparring Partner of the Board / BSM
  • Bridging a senior management vacancy
  • Controlling company’s objectives and strategies
  • Develop and implement a new strategy
  • Newco's with innovative product(s)
  • M&A, Merger and Acquisition
  • Leading Business Negotiator
  • Crisis management and ad hoc problem solving
  • Recovery/Restructuring management
  • Internationalization /Joint Venture
  • Company quality improvement
  • Setting up a new branch in The Netherlands
  • Advisory, Mediation
  • Strategic Partner / Collaboration

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