Business Communicators & Negotiators
for national and multinational organizations
committed to increase (new) businesses
through setting high level standards of performance
for stable growth of turnover, profit and quality.


Strategium consists of a selective group of top-level directors and entrepreneurs, who contribute their knowledge, experience and vision to your service temporarily.


Project experiences include the following industries:

  • Management Consulting industry
  • ICT Consulting industry
  • Cable/Telecom Industry
  • Energy
  • Leisure
  • Department stores
  • Employment Branch
  • Automotive industry
  • Information Technology and Services industry
  • Digital Media
  • Narrowcasting Media
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Maritime and Yachting industry
  • Travel & Tourism industry 

The most important services are:

  • Supervision on behalf of shareholders; assignments
  • Supervisory Board
  • Sparring Partner of the Board / BSM
  • Bridging a senior management vacancy
  • Controlling company’s objectives and strategies
  • Develop and implement a new strategy
  • Newco's with innovative product(s)
  • M&A, Merger and Acquisition
  • Leading Business Negotiator
  • Crisis management and ad hoc problem solving
  • Recovery/Restructuring management
  • Internationalization /Joint Venture
  • Company quality improvement
  • Setting up a new branch in The Netherlands
  • Advisory, Mediation
  • Strategic Partner / Collaboration

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