Strategium, your strategic partner in optimizing your operating result



You are considering one of the following questions?

· How do I take my company to a higher platform? Qualitative, commercial, operational, financial?

· How to achieve homogeneity between subsidiaries and / or departments?

· Does this create added value in terms of markets, production, organization and financial growth?

· Financial injection or participation?


Your needs are unique - and so do our strategies!
The strength of Strategium lies in the business economics field. Unlike colleagues, who mainly focus on the theoretical and numerical approach of the various processes, Strategium specializes in the business- and managerial approach by our Business Negotiators, particularly in vision, execution and the negotiation strategy.

STRATEGIUM focuses on the medium to  larger companies and has demonstrably realized that the combination of creative solutions, decisiveness (including network) and a dose of common sense, based on specific knowledge, strategy and thorough (also social) experience leads to a successful and satisfied realization of the assignment.



A beautiful example of a simple Strategic Partnership is the in 2019 signed contract between 2 international Mega Yacht Brokers.

V-Yachting The Netherlands  had a shortage of good quality pre-owned Mega Yachts for sale and was open for a collaboration with an European competitor. Strategium analyzed possibilities around the Mediterranean Marina’s and of course each country around the Med. has a number of interesting ports, yachts and brokers.


However the economic situation in Turkey is getting worse since past years, there are hundreds of marina’s and number of yachts for sale is increasing. No surprise the effort was aimed to find a respectable Mega Yacht Broker in Turkey.

Via marketing channels Strategium introduced YMB. First steps were made in building up confidence, exchange of professionalism and after a couple of weeks already logical suggestions were made “why do we not use our both quality and marketing skills in order to expand each other’s territories".

Both companies  decided to cooperate together and signed a Co-Brokerage Procedures Agreement based on a split commission fee by success, whereby V-Yachting operates in western Europe mainly The Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, UK, France and Spain, while YMB operates in Turkey, Greece, Italy and Israel.


Strategium found a smart and cheap solution; hardly no investments were made for all parties involved, marketing area’s doubled as well as number of pre-owned Mega Yachts and number of prospect buyers.