Your European Headquarters or a new office in The Netherlands?



The Netherlands offers companies a perfect climate to compete successfully in Europe, because of a supporting corporate tax structure, a highly educated, multilingual workforce and a superior logistical and technological infrastructure.


It’s the professional service of Strategium to provide clients with a turnkey operational office  solution at the right place, location, including interior décor  the setup of all procedures and necessary juridical, tax, governmental, administration  aspects.


Assisting the new client in The Netherlands with first steps to be taken could include the following services:

- selecting the real estate agent with the right location, building, office
- architect for interior design, carpets, furniture

- construction contractor, walls, rooms, floors,  technical facilities, removal of company assets (furniture, documents, computers etc.)

- connecting computers and network installation


Assisting with operational start and business development:

- selection of new management or staff

- finding the right lawyer, accountant, advisors

- government and municipal affairs, official documents

- general suppliers

- business goals, strategies, development

- implement administration system

- competitors analyzes

- marketing/sales organization


Your gateway to pan-European success.

Within 2,5 flighting hours from Amsterdam airport you are in:
Barcelona Belfast Berlin Budapest Brussels Düsseldorf Frankfurt Geneva Gothenburg Hamburg Helsinki Copenhagen Lisbon London

Madrid Milan Munich Nice Oslo Paris Prague Rome Stavanger Stockholm Warsaw Vienna Zurich.


With the opening of again another branch office we used the ourselves created standardized "Manual New Office". Very handsome because there are a lot of details in it you easily forget.
After 15 times creating a new office in The Netherlands I personally had the advantage to use the specs later with the opening of new offices in Poland, Switzerland and Spain.