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We call ourselves Business Negotiators, specialized in generalism, vision, strategies, communicating and therefore go significantly further then traditional consultants. We do the negotiations for you both within  and beyond your organization. The focus is the realization of your assignment.


Business Negotiators are senior managers who have entrepreneurial skills and are used to deal with other people's money!


We are sure that you CEO know WHAT you have to do, but are you DOING it and much more important is the way HOW you do it.
Strategium is different. We operate with common sense by experience. We have seen it all, we have done it; tremendous successes make us strong and we also know WHAT YOU DEFINITELY NOT SHOULD DO. This combination gives us confident and power, which qualities you can profite from 
(see Board Support).


We wrote and analyzed more then 200 Business Plans and Budgets and learned the best practice  is to be achieved with a combination of top-down and bottum-up information flow break down. 

Starting with the bottom, the people at the floor, the products or services that have to be delivered, sold and go up in the organization; ict, production, purchase, stock, logistics. Calculate cost prices, occupancy rates and purchase volumes. From here organizational improvements can be found.


After solving departmental issues we go top-down. What is the vision of the Board?  What requirements do they have? Now and in the future? Are goals and objectives clear? What is the impact of the organizational change. Combine both approaches and you certainly find new problem areas to be solved! Finalizing all with a consensus report with forecasts and budgets for each of the financial entities, finance, profits and balance structure.

Such reports take more time and costs more then you may expect, but it is certainly much more effective. In fact it is absolutely necessary.


Pay-per-View Nederland (kabel/telecom/media); Negotiations for a new narrow-casting TV Channel
The startup of a new TV channel (ETV Sports & Concerts) based on narrow casting and pay-per-view required the utmost of negotiating techniques
and skills;

- Responsible for strategic alliances with telecom and cable  companies, program suppliers and government

- Contract meetings with OCW ministry; obtaining commercial  broadcasting license Television

- Signing contracts with cable industry (60% of The Netherlands)

- Responsible for commercial programming, political, technical,  financial, organizational and personal aspects

- Establishing the right technological infrastructure (satellite up-link, decoders etc.)

- In depth research and development of viewing behavior to target oriented  TV programming

- Contract meetings led with program vendors such as Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Columbia Pictures, Endemol, Mojo Concerts

- Unique developed concept was front page news "PPV Premier League Football TV": The outmatches were live broadcast, in fact narrow-cast,
   at the 
decoder in the home city only of the outplaying team!       

- Live and semi live broadcasts of shows from Arena, Ahoy, RAI (Main stadiums and Exhibition Centers)

We received enormous PR response from Radio, Television and almost all newspapers in The Netherlands (front news De Telegraaf, Haarlems Dagblad. Algemeen Dagblad).